When Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon, prior to Independence over half a century ago, this island paradise gained an international reputation for the excellent quality of her conventional and organic tea, low and high grown, from some of the finest tea gardens in the world, and blended to perfection. All around the world, connoisseurs of tea clamoured for "Ceylon Tea" which soon became a household reference for the finest quality tea.
Our tea cultivation and processing is executed in line with stringent international standards of organic bio culture, with emphasis and concern on environmental harmony and global warming. The result is the purest tea in the world, with its inviting aroma and range of delectable flavors.
We are specialized in the export of pure Ceylon Tea in packeted, gift tea pack and flavoured forms. Our brands of high quality grown pure Ceylon Tea comes in a range of flavoured teas in cartons of 25 and 100. We provide gift tea packs in Mahogany wood, Ceramic & Terracotta and also can be tailor made to any requirement or specification. Also, the Telak Tea Maker is a new concept to the tea drinking majority.

Our flavored Tea range
  .:. Apple Tea  .:. Apricot Tea   .:. Banana Tea
 .:. Black Current Tea  .:. Blueberry Tea   .:. Cherry Tea
 .:. Earl Grey Tea  .:. Forest Fruit Tea   .:. Lemon Tea
 .:. Mango Tea  .:. Peach Tea   .:. Pine Apple Tea
 .:. Raspberry Tea  .:. Strawberry Tea   .:. Tropical Fruits Tea
 .:. Noni Tea  .:. Garcenia Tea   

Packeted tea range is normally supplied in packs ranging from 20 gms to 500 gms. The range is packed in cartons, wooden boxes, and special gift packs. A continuous improvement program is implemented to ensure the highest quality control procedures over our products. As part of this program we perform operational reviews to identify ways to improve quality control procedures and maximize the efficiency of operations. Tea blending is performed on stainless steel surface to ensure hygienic conditions. Teas are cleaned with special cleaning machinery prior to blending.