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We maintain consistent quality throughout the year and our products have been consumed world over with much enthusiasm & no claims. The quality & texture of our Gherkins is acclaimed by our consumers. Our Gherkins our harvested throughout the year and quality is checked on a daily basis. We pickle Gherkins of many sizes ranging from 15mm-45mm. We produce in bottles & bulk packed into wooden crates containing 400Kg each. We can supply at 60-90-120 days after fermentation [daf].

Spice Mill

Our primary objective in introducing freshly ground spices by using spice mill is multi facetted. In a way we intend to inculcate this society in the positive aspects of using spices which are 100% natural human edible with no after effects and as a medicinal component in curtailing and eliminating most human diseases. It is known world over that fresh spices used in cooking vegetables, meat, soup and in tea induces ones appetite which is a major requirement to keep the human body alive. 

In addition spices have the magical capability of curing most diseases and ailments which western medicine or antibiotics cannot heal. Spices have the added advantage of not having any major side or after effects if one takes more than required. The spice mill helps to crush the spices into powder small pieces as per requirement and add into your meal/drink which gives a fresh aroma flavour. If one is to use the electric grinder, it would consume electricity and not be capable of crushing it in minute quantities as per requirement. The spice mill can be taken even on camping, trips and even used in rural areas which have no electricity to spice up your favourite dishes. 

Powdered/crushed spices are absorbed faster by vegetables/meat and dissolves faster in curries and soups. 
Spices in Dispenser Cans - "TELAK SPICE"