Natural Salt & Bittern [Nigari]

The pure natural salt which we offer is 100% Eco-friendly, human edible. Our sea salt is certified by the IMO of Switzerland. The location of the salttern is situated between a wild life sanctuary and the sea. There are no major chemical smoke emitting factories within a 40 km radius. The only method of obtaining prime salt is by evaporating H2O from the sea water using bright sunlight.

The evaporating pans are focused to the sun light and no chemical dyes or electric heating equipments are used in this evaporating process.

The evaporating basins are constructed by digging into the soil and the side walls strengthen with wood which no preservative has been added. The formation of salt takes a longer period of time, but the salt is in pure white crystal form. The manual labour used for this in the form of harvesting is done in-house within their premises. Regular medical check-ups are done which is proved by the IMO certification. The salt which we offer is 97% of NACL and the packeting is done in a fully glazed tiled factory. Salt is an essential ingredient not only in cooking but in our daily hygiene as a disinfectant, mouth wash and a healer of mouth ulseses and gum diseases.

Bittern [Nigari] 

The Bittern is highly enriched with Beta Carotene which produces vitamin "A". An analysis report to confirm this is attached. We pack 18 liters of Bittern in poly bags, which are then packed into 5 ply cardboard cartons.