Freight Forwarding

Freight Consolidators Lanka (Pvt) Ltd has pioneered the service of shipping personal effects for Sri Lankans by joining hands with M/s. Trico International (Pvt) Ltd of Colombo who have a worldwide network of offices handling shipments of personal effects of Sri Lankans.

We have been able to offer the fullest service to the Sri Lankan expatriates in Japan to ship their personal effects with the least hassle. We either collect cargo from the shipper or sent to us by local takkyubian transport, or personally delivered for shipment to Colombo. We charge on a cubic foot basis and the minimum is one cubic foot. We have in our warehouse two sizes of boxes of one CBM & two CBM and the same could be purchased upon request. All export documentation is handled by our staff and freight charges include the documentation charges etc.


Cargo loaded into container to be shipped to Colombo is not de-stuffed in any other place other than Trico bonded warehouse in Colombo. Consignee can call over at the Trico bound warehouse in Colombo, Galle, Kurunegala and collect the cargo in presentation of the original certificate of shipment and proof of their identity without employing a clearing agency to clear their cargo in this manner and take to their homes subsequent to pay import duties imposed by the customs if required.
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